Ultrasound Machine

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I’m sure you can imagine just how horribly invasive and painful bowel scopes are for children.

With your help, we can change this.

Ultrasound examination is an easily accessible, non-invasive, radiation-free, imaging modality that is often chosen as the first diagnostic method in gastroenterology and other specialties around the world.

With your support, a special intestinal ultrasound machine can be purchased to reduce the need for children to undergo scopes during diagnosis and treatment, making it much more bearable. Plus your support would also benefit the Children’s Clinic who would share the machine. The impact of this could potentially help thousands of children each year, and dramatically reducing wait times too.

Imagine the world of difference you will be making to the children and their families. With faster diagnosis, faster treatment can occur.

Take a moment to read the incredible story of Cohen, a child living with Crohn’s Disease. Cohen and his family are true champions and it is because of your dedication and generosity that lets us care for families like these.

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