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The Children’s Hospital is fortunate to have amazing doctors and nurses, and some of their success relies on having access to lifesaving technology. Case in point, the neuro-microscope. This microscope allows for surgeons to be that much more precise. It can discover unexplored areas that eliminate blind spots and was instrumental in helping remove a brain lesion in one of our patients, in the Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery program. Lillian was experiencing epileptic seizures and underwent surgery at Children’s Hospital to have the lesion removed. The success of the surgery was all due to the use of the neuro-microscope.

Children’s Hospital-HSC is the first pediatric health care facility in Canada with this microscope and the second in North America. The $1 million Zeiss Kinevo 900 neuro-microscope was purchased by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba with the generous support of partners including the Provinciano family, RE/MAX and Dairy Queen Canada. It has been in use over the past year and continues to be instrumental in surgical care. The Children’s Hospital Foundation is seeking donations to fund the $200,000 balance remaining on the purchase of the microscope.

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