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Undergoing a scan is no one’s idea of a good time. The repetitive, hammering sounds, the close quarters, and the sheer length of the exam can leave even the bravest among us feeling a bit disoriented, claustrophobic and flat-out frightened. But for a child, these scans are potentially life-altering, and it is hard to convince a child to lie still.

In 2013, thanks to a generous donor, Cinema Vision Goggles were purchased to help with anxiety. These goggles came complete with headphones that shut out the machine noise, and allowed kids to watch the DVD of their choice. Before this, scans were lost due to claustrophobia and some kids had to be sedated, meaning longer recovery time after a scan. 850 children have benefited to date from this pair of Cinema Vision Goggles, requiring no medication to be sedated. The problem is, the Children’s Hospital has one pair of Cinema Vision Goggles and more are needed.

“One pair of cinema vision goggles reduces the need for sedation by 30%.”

What if more children could just completely forget about their surroundings as they become absorbed in watching a DVD? With an additional Cinema Vision set, more children would not require recovery time, thereby reducing wait lists and ultimately allowing for more kids to be seen. They could also listen to CDs, radio or an MP3 player and make the scan more enjoyable. With more than one scan machine, more Cinema Vision Goggles are needed.

Help give children the equipment they need to better handle medical procedures.

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